Take pride in what you do”; It is a phrase we have all heard so many times. I hear “accountability” all the time, take “ownership,” is another one.

Many professions you are part of a bigger team, your contribution to the organization might be difficult to measure. I think technology has robbed us a little bit of taking pride in our artistry.

We can hide behind computer screens. Some professions are purely transactional, no product or service exchanges hands.

I have lived mostly in the tangible product world and the service business. People are visible and how you perform is quickly and precisely evaluated,  exposed always.

Hospitality is a field that exemplifies taking pride in your work. As customers, we are quick to notice when service is bad, or not up to our expectations. Sometimes it is training or lack of; that leads to bad experiences. However, it is also extremely demanding work, of your body and soul.

The first time I worked in a restaurant and saw first hand, the pride that someone took was 1985 in Austin Texas.

It was an oddly named place called Chez Fred. I worked there shortly after the S&L crisis and real estate bubble tied to the oil bust.

Some very smart people worked at Chez Fred. I was just a kid and was hired to bus tables. Being a busboy typically is not a job that you would remember, but this was different.

The trainer I had… I think his name was Steve; he took pride in showing us how to bus tables. He owned it. However, what I remember most was that he had a system, a thoughtful and strategic approach. He was like Yoda to us bus boys. No bus tubs, and we always had to pre-bus.

However, what I remember most was the phrase he coined,  “two tray system “ of bussing. To this day it still sticks with me. It was amazing that he took so much pride in something so simple.

His enthusiasm made me want to be the best. The pride he had was inspiring. Hospitality professionals lay it all out there on an open stage. These hardworking individuals take pride in their work like motivating a young busboy. Moreover, they know that every detail matters.