We are so conscious of food safety. Numerous products exist to store and prepare food to prevent illness.

Yet people will use the cheapest grill brushes to clean the grill. Grill brushes have gotten the reputation of being dangerous to use because the wires fall off and could end up in food.

So why don’t we hear more cases of wire brush eating at restaurants? You don’t hear much because the brushes used at restaurants are the industrial duty and have been designed to take the heat.

Like all products, there is a broad range of quality when it comes to grill brushes. Most imported brushes are designed to cost little and not last.

Look grill brushes are not that complicated, so the real issue of what makes a brush safe to use is the quality of material.

At Texas Grill brush we prefer to use the US made materials, this includes the wood, our metal, and the labor to pull it all together.

Does this cost more, you bet it does. However, you always get what you pay for. So keep the brush wire on the brush, not in your stomach!

Here’s an example of our brush wire single tuft compared to an imported brush from a big box store.