I’m going to make a prediction: people skills and face-to-face communication will be a lost art. Do you know that many individuals in business hate dealing with people? So now what we’ve built is an automated, data-driven, self check-out society. Is there no longer enough money to pay a cashier and train them to make my shopping experience magical?

My sales school of the future will teach humans to compete against our largest competitors apathy, poor service, and automation.

Consumers will pay for excellent service, creativity, and innovation. I have a local grocery store that has every lane open, staffed with young adults, and you never have to wait. It costs more than the chain stores, but it is faster and if I have a question someone is always there to answer it, sometimes even with a smile – a definite bonus! Who asked for self-checkout anyway, I just want friendly employees that value my business.

These are the ten core competencies that will help us win the war against the automated, self-checkout machines. Taught over a period of one year at Chick-fil-a or my local grocery store. These will be our campuses because they offer the best customer service experience available today. Classes will be free, but you will need to work at one of these places.


  1. Eye Contact – Course 101
  2. Acting Interested in the Customer – Course 102
  3. Smiling or Laughing – Course 103
  4. Knowledge/History of Workplace – Course 104, Elective 104A Passion for Workplace (actually knowing the history, maybe telling the client’s something unique about where you work)
  5. Saying Thank You Old School and with Feeling – Course 105 (like you would say to your 90-year-old grandmother)
  6. Doing Things Machines Cannot – Course 106 (figure this out or we are all toast)
  7. Understanding the Economics of Where You Work – Course 107, Elective 107A Why I Get Paid What I Get Paid
  8. Sales – Course 108 (each person will pick one item in the store, study it on their own, and be prepared to discuss it only if asked to by a customer)
  9. Listening and Not Speaking – Course 109, Elective 109A Taking Notes While Listening
  10. The Power of Personalized Letters or Phone Calls to Say Thank You – Course 110