NT_19BBQStilesSwitch6.jpgRoughly about a year ago I noticed this strange looking neon sign of a pig with a cane, top hat and glasses that reads, “STILES SWITCH BBQ,” at this weird shopping center with no discernible businesses, “The Violet Crown Shopping Center.” It is at the corner of Brentwood and North Lamar Blvd just South of Airport Blvd. The shopping center has been a mysterious locale ever since they filmed the pool hall scene in,”Dazed and Confused,” that introduced  Matthew Mcconaughey and his memorable portrayal of local yokel, “Wooderson.” They also filmed the scene where the kids dump the paint on Ben Affleck’s character there at a garage, across the street. The actual mall itself may have real businesses but from the street it is just a series of nondescript buildings with tinted windows. Very mysterious. Stiles Switch is apparently the only business in the shopping center open to the public.

stiles switch building viewIn any event, I went in on a whim, wanting to see what this new, local bbq place right at the end of my street and to sample, dine and sup their wares. I don’t think I have ever seen ANYONE in the dining room, which is spacious but not huge or anything. They dude cutting meat had a deft hand when it came to weilding a blade and was real enthusiastic and helpful, offering suggestions and giving us the lowdown, aka, “The what’s really good,” qt dirt on that day’s offerings. It is very apparent that the establishment is very, very new. Everything has the earmark of brand new, clean and spotless. They also took the game to that next level son as of recent by building a pleasant screened in outside dining area. What they would call a Florida room or ,”Porte Cochere,” son. Really nice and pristine in there. Hard to divine a personality to match the food as of yet – it’s good but not great. I’d like to support local food holes but it is difficult when dinner, a take out, standard dinner plate, the bellwether bbq plate with 3e meats, sides, pickles, funions and white bread was expensive, for a roach on a limited income like yours truly. Don’t be shocked if what would seem to be a standard bbq setup ends up being a little pricey and sheeeet, add the banana puddin’ and some Mexican Coca Cola? Break out that other twenty son. It is a place that will be interesting to watch and will hopefully grow into a great local spot to drink beer in the 396 degree summer heat and I look forward to witnessing the dining experience as well as mastery of the art and these guys interpretation of Texas bbq.

stiles switch bbq platter 1Even in it’s infancy I suggest it highly as a mom and pop to support regardless. The atmosphere is cool and they will grow into a contemporary beyond the standard fare and the promise is in the air and in the meat as well.

6610 North Lamar Blvd
Austin, Tx 78757

Sunday, and Tues-Thurs 11a -9p
Friday and Saturday 11a -10p
Closed Mondays