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Smart Grill Brush | The Texas Brush

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Biggest Sales Going On !​



Get Smart And Throw Out That Old Wooden Grill Brush

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A Breakthrough in Smart Grill Cleaning

✔️ WEAR INDICATOR: Our patented “wear indicator” “Smart replacement” tells you exactly when it’s time to replace brush heads. This revolutionary feature prevents overuse.
✔️ COMFORTABLE: Comfortable and durable handle makes cleaning grill fast and easy.
✔️ HEAVY DUTY AND DURABLE: Reinforced heavy gauge steel, designed to hold up to extreme temperature and use.
✔️ SAFETY FIRST: 31” x 1 1/4” handle keeps you safely away from the heat.
✔️ VERSATILE: use the right replacement head for the type of grate. Replace brush heads quickly without any tools.

Or, Get The Black Handle one
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Money back gurantee

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Wear Indicator

100% Amercian Made

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Most frequent questions and answers
 This is our premium grill brush for restaurants, designed to last ten years or longer, heavy gauge stainless or high heat coated handle. Our wear indicator prevents dangerous overuse and alerts grill cooks when it’s time to replace brush heads. Our Smart replacement technology eliminates risks associated with overusing wire brushes.

The stainless steel handle is more expensive to produce, won’t ever rust  The black handle is painted with heat resistant paint Both are guaranteed for 10 years – no other brush made is as durable or will last as long

Brushes last 3-4 years in a consumer setting. Wooden Texas Brushes last 3-6 months in restaurants, and Smart Grill brush handle will last ten years or longer. 
Stainless steel brush heads; heat resistant, flexible to clean most grill surfaces, wil not rust if left outside ( highest in cost)

Carbon steel brush heads; heat resistant, flexible to clean most grill surfaces, will rust if exposed to water ( preferred choice for restaurants, more affordable than Stainless steel)

Flat wire/ coarse brush heads ; heat resistant, stiff and not flexible, use for removing very heavy carbon from grills, will rust if exposed to water

Yes of course! we provide 100% Free Shipping and 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Brush heads are USA or Canadian made. Replace every 3-6 months in a restaurant setting. Consumers should replace brush heads every grilling season.
The Smart Grill is our absolute best grill brush, it’s better than any brush we have ever made
Have questions? mail us at info@texasbrush.com. we'll be happy to answer your question.

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The last grill brush you'll ever need

Why you should try us?

what makes us better than others

money-back guarantee : we offer 100% no question ask money back guarantee

Free Shipping : we offer 100% FREE shipping all over USA

High-End Durability  : Our Smart Grill Brushes are extremely durable and can withstand very high temperatures up to 800 degrees. The brushes will ensure you are able to clean your grills day in day out without needing to replace your brush every week.

No Guesswork :When your brush does begin to reach the end of its life, you won’t be caught off guard. Our signature smart wear indicator will allow you to monitor your brush’s condition over time so that you know exactly when to replace it. This will save any guess work on your part and prevent overuse.

Seamless Safety:  We value safety above all, and we know that when you are dealing with high temperature grills you must be protected from the heat. That is why our brush is 31 inches long, keeping you at a safe distance from harm. Our brush grips are also heat resistant and anti-microbial, which stops the spread of germs in your kitchen.

Easy To Use : Using a Smart Grill Brush is easy for everyone, as we have taken great care to make our handles as comfortable as possible, so that cleaning grills will no longer be such a chore!

Versatile : The final feature of our Smart Grill Brush is extreme versatility. You can use any of our compatible brush heads to suit any grill surface. You can swap the brush heads quickly and easily without any tools, meaning you will never find yourself unprepared.

made in usa :  Handcrafted in the U.S.A., these brushes are things of beauty that you can actually use. You see, this here Texas Brush is no ordinary brush.​​

Revolutionary Feature : ​ Our patented “wear indicator” “Smart replacement” tells you exactly when it’s time to replace brush heads. This revolutionary feature prevents overuse.​

built and design for restaurants : restaurants demand extreme durability brushes are used 12-14 hours per day 24/7 365 days per year, clean up must be fast , brushes should be able to withstand very high temperatures 500-800 degree grills 

Comfortable : Comfortable and durable handle makes cleaning grill fast and easy.

a free sample for the restaurants : we offer 30 day free trials for the restaurant owners
with a free sample

All of these features combine to make a grill brush that goes further than any other, giving you the power of smart cleaning in your kitchen.



SMART GRILL BRUSH - Stainless Steel

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  • 30 Day Unconditional Money back Guarantee
  • free shipping All Over USA


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