Texas Grill Brush™ Jr.


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Texas Grill Brush™ Jr.

  • Double sided industrial brush with angled head
  • 1.5″ bristles
  • 2 ft. handle
  • $59.99

Handcrafted in texas, these brushes are things of beauty that you can actually use.

  • The wood block stabilizers come from actual trees, chosen for us in Gadsden, Alabama.
  • We toss away any discolored or blemished wood, and then we dry, cut, and sand each block.
  • Our handles are cut thick—11⁄4 ̋ diameter—with a choice of either 2 ́ or 4 ́ in length. That’s right: 4 feet.
  • This baby’s big, bold, and beautiful.
  • The bristles are 11⁄2 ̋ long, and are made from tempered carbon steel designed to take the heat.

Wonderin’ why you should switch to the Texas Brush™?

Well, listen up, hoss. This here’s no ordinary brush. With the angled-head design, you’ve never had an easier time cleaning the charbroiler. Every brush is handcrafted to achieve consistency and durability. All of its component parts have been carefully chosen and manufactured to our strict standards.

In fact, the Texas Brush is used at Chili’s, TGI Fridays, Carrabba’s, Houston’s, and other nationally recognized restaurants. These folks appreciate the quality of the Texas Brush in their busy kitchens.

The Texas Brush™ Jr. is:

  • Big and Sturdy
  • Made in Texas
  • Double-sided
  • Permanently attached
  • One-piece angled head design
  • Makes brushing charbroiler easy
  • Heavy duty