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Texas Grill Brush™ Jr. (Promo)

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$29.99 Texas Brush

These brushes have one BLACK STEEL HEAD on each side


Here’s the story behind the sale…

I stopped by my warehouse and realized that I had some excess inventory. The timing could not have been better! Grilling season is right around the corner, and so is cleaning your grill.

So I dialed up my buddy Jose; featured in an article here

His exact answer when I asked if he’d like to make Texas Grill brushes next Saturday; “yes no Problema .” So later this week I’ll be offering 150 Texas Grill Brush Juniors with double sided high carbon steel brush heads.

The pricing will be well below our regular price, and each one will be assembled by Jose with care and passion!

What makes our brushes different than most other brushes on the market,  is the quality of our materials. You see when other brushes wear out you risk the chance of wires ending up in your burger. This happens because a brush that sells retail for $6.99 simply is not sturdy. The Texas Brush is designed for restaurants which make it stronger than any brush sold at a retail store.

Here is just one article about the dangers of low-quality metal brushes;

Remember,  the only thing metal that should touch a customer’s mouth is a fork.


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