Have you tried recently to find grill brushes made in the USA? It’s not easy. Most grill brushes are manufactured far, far away. This means a couple things, they won’t last and are probably much cheaper than the brushes we sell.

When you buy a Texas Grill Brush you know that it’s been tested in a commercial environment, this means that it’s going to last. You see I’ve been selling the same brushes to restaurants and commercial food service operators since 1997! And most of my clients return multiple times to purchase our brushes. They return because our brushes hold up, period!

So if you want a cheapo brush that falls apart, melts and leaves you wondering if that crunch in the burger is brushed wire. Head on over to that big box store.

If you want to support US manufacturing and use a product that will last, call or order the Texas Grill Brush.