The Texas Brush is made in the USA and it’s Texas Big

Listen up, hoss!

You’ve heard of Don’t Mess With Texas, right? Well, don’t mess with the Texas Brush either.

This mean and tough grill brush gained its spurs in the industrial heat of restaurants. In fact, our grill brushes are used at Chili’s, TGI Fridays, Carrabba’s, Houston’s, and other nationally recognized restaurants. These good folks appreciate the quality of the Texas Brush in their kitchens.

Since our brushes can take the heat of busy restaurants, then you can damn well be sure they can handle personal grills—whether they’re used in backyard bar-b-ques or tailgating before the big game.

You see, this here Texas Brush is no ordinary brush. Its angled-head design makes easier work of cleaning the charbroiler. Every brush is handcrafted right here in America. Their thick hardwood handles come in either 2´ or 4´ in length—so you get some distance from the heat for comfort and safety. And then there’s the Horseshoe Brush that’s got a coated steel handle.

All this boils down to Big, Tough, Durable Brushes that’ll keep going strong after wussy brushes have run home to their mommies.

So keep that grill clean! Use our Texas strength on nasty, grungy, mucked-up grills. After the Texas Brush is done with your grill, it’ll look amazing again.

Just in time for some more steaks.