• 2 Ft.  metal handle


  • 2 Ft. metal  handle


  • 2 Ft.  metal handle


You can damn well be sure the Texas Brush can handle personal grills—whether they’re used in backyard bar-b-ques or tailgating before the big game.

This mean and tough grill brush gained its spurs in the industrial heat of restaurants. In fact, our grill brushes are used at Chili’s, TGI Fridays, Carrabba’s, Houston’s, and other nationally recognized restaurants. These good folks appreciate the quality of the Texas Brush in their kitchens.

You see, this here Texas Brush™ is no ordinary brush. Its angled-head design makes easier work of cleaning the charbroiler. Every brush is handcrafted right here in America. Their thick hardwood handles come in either 2´ or 4´ in length—so you get some distance from the heat for comfort and safety.

Since our brushes can take the heat of busy restaurants, then you can damn well be sure they can handle personal grills—whether they’re used in backyard bar-b-ques or tailgating before the big game.

The Texas Brush can take the heat and punishment of busy restaurants.

All this boils down to Big, Tough, Durable Brushes that’ll keep going strong after wussy brushes have run home to their mommies.

So keep that grill clean! Use our Texas strength on nasty, grungy, mucked-up grills. After the Texas Brush is done with your grill, it’ll look amazing again.

American Made

Handcrafted in the U.S.A., these brushes are things of beauty that you can actually use. You see, this here Texas Brush is no ordinary brush.

Real Wood

The wood block stabilizers come from actual trees. We toss away any discolored or blemished wood, and then we dry, cut, and sand each block.

Thick Handles

Our handles are cut thick— 1¼˝ diameter—with a choice of either 2´ or 4´ in length. That’s right: 4 feet. This baby’s big, bold, and beautiful.

Tough Bristles

The bristles are 1½˝ long, and are made from tempered carbon steel designed to take the heat. But can you take the heat, pardner?

The Best Grill Brush You Can Buy, Guaranteed!

Texas Grill Brush™

  • Double sided industrial brush with angled head
  • 1.5″ bristles
  • 4 ft. handle

Texas Grill Brush™ Jr.

  • Double sided industrial brush with angled head
  • 1.5″ bristles
  • 2 ft. handle


Keep the handle, replace the head. Yep, it can be done. The handle on our Texas Brushes™ will last one day short of forever. When the head wears out, simply replace it. You can choose different types of brush heads: coarse bristles, stainless steel, and black steel.

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Folks say nice things about the Texas Brush™

The brush is exactly what I expected it to be… my cooks love it. It works well with the type of volume we do, and the guys get a kick out of the super long handle!

Edward Castro

Banquet Sous Chef , Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, New Jersey

We could see right away that this is a serious brush— bigger, stronger, and more durable than anything we have used in the past.

Sam Richardson

Geddy’s, Bar Harbor, Maine

Good Morning America featured the Texas Brush on their show about Fourth of July deals! The ole’ Texas Brush was in good company with a grill, barbecue sauce, snow cone machine, and hammock.

I love this. Don’t mess with Texas. This is what the big guns use in restaurants across the country: Applebee’s, Houston’s. It’s amazing.

Tory Johnson

Good Morning America